What is a International Premium Rate Number?

A International Premium Rate Number, sometimes abbreviated as IPRN, is a phone number which usually incurs a higher caller cost than a regular landline or fixed number.

What is CLI?

CLI means Calling Line Identification. It is the identification (phone number) that the called party sees when you call him. Sometimes this number is not shown, or is modified by intermediate carriers

What is DID/DDI?

DID mean Direct Inward Dialing, also called Direct Dial-In in Europe, is the same as C-Number.

What is EOM/EOW?

EOM means End of Month. The number before EOM (for example, as in 45 EOM) means the number of days after month end when payment is due. EOW means End of Week. The number before EOW (for example, as in 7 EOW) means the number of days after week end when payment is due.

How can register for our services?

Anyone can subscribe and start to use our billing platform. First you need to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the numbering ranges and rates. After subscribing you will be sent a link were your can enter your details so that we can setup the interconnect.

How long does it take to set up an account?

New account is set up in around 30 minutes after we receive the form.

How are the calls delivered?

You can terminate the calls on our online portal with our IVR. We can also terminate the call on your portal if you have one by routing the calls to your IP address.

How often do our solutions pay?

Different countries have different payment cycles and rates. Please see our rate card.

Payout terms: 7/1 | 7/7 | 15/1 | 30/15 | 30/45 | 30/60 | etc. – what does this mean?

The first figure is always the production time (or billing cycle) and the second one are the days after which payment is due.
For example:
7/1 – 7 days production time, 1 day after this production time, payment is due
7/7 – 7 days production time, 7 days after this production time, payment is due
30/45 – 30 days production time, 45 days after this production time, payment is due.

Weekly Payments – How do I need to understand this?

Weekly payments are based on following cycles:
01 – 07 production time, payment on day 08
08 – 15 production time, payment on day 16
16 – 22 production time, payment on day 23
23 – EOM production time, payment on day 01 of following month.

This means on the 8th, 16th, 23rd and 1st of every month is payday.

Do you offer live statistics?

Yes, our live statistic is updated constantly.

Do you have numbers ready to go?

Yes, of course.

Do you take back any numbers from me?

Yes, of course. If we see that they are unused, we take them back and you will be notified. Any minutes done on these numbers will be credited to your account automatically. Of course you can always reorder new numbers. That is no problem at all!